Distance Healing

Reconnective Healing ™ sessions can be done remotely, this means that the client does not have to be physically present in the practitioner’s office.

The practitioner will book an appointment with the client by phone or email.  At the time of the appointment the client needs to find a quiet place to relax and ensure no interruptions for one hour.  The client should be sitting or lying down in a comfortable place to allow the body to relax and experience the session.  At the scheduled day and time the practitioner will call the client by phone or Skype to notify the client that the session will start. The practitioner will then do the session for 30 minutes. Once the work is done, the practitioner will call the client again to debrief the session for a few minutes.

Please note that distance healing sessions must be prepaid to ensure the client’s commitment to the session and the practitioner’s availability.  For more information on payments and fees click here.

Disclaimer: Please note that the Reconnective Healing practitioner makes no claims, promises or guarantees that you will have a healing.  It is also important to note that the practitioner is not a registered health care practitioner.  If you are feeling sick, always consult a registered health care practitioner. You are solely responsible for your health and for starting or continuing your own medical treatment.