“As an alternative health practitioner, I have been curious about Reconnective Healing for a number of years. I had heard positive responses from friends, colleagues and clients and looked forward to the chance of experiencing some sessions for myself.  I was also waiting for the “right” practitioner to receive from. I appreciated Silvana’s open, safe, and professional approach.  She provided a space for the healing to occur in whatever form it was meant to be for me.  Each session built  on the last, and the energy offered me clarity about where to focus on my health in the future.  I highly recommend this experience!  Thank you Silvana! ”

Catherine Cameron

“I was skeptical, but somewhat desperate. I have a health condition that means I live with a lot of pain – and its consequences which include physical, intellectual and emotional fatigue. I found Silvana straightforward and easy to trust. She is a good listener. With great ease, she made me feel very comfortable. In my experience, Silvana is an effective Reconnective healer. Over the course of three sessions, I found my pain was diminished – and my intellectual and emotional capacity to cope, be present and revel in my life greatly enriched.”

Robin, Ontario, Canada

 “The Reconnective Healing session with Silvana left me feeling more physically energetic (a feeling that has lasted three months already). Additionally, I had a couple of very valuable and unexpected emotional “aha” moments during the sessions, which have helped me in understanding myself better.”

Nuria, Social Worker and artist

 “Silvana is a respectful and professional practitioner. My experience with Silvana was deeply peaceful and instilled a sense of calm. I’m a cancer survivor and during my treatment with Silvana I felt a wave of positive life-filled energy flow through me – like a broom sweeping up some of the fear of a recurrence of cancer. I felt connected to myself and the world around me.”

Azucena, Ontario, Canada

“I came to Reconnective Healing session with skepticism, and I did not come for any miracles. But I am so impressed about the effect of this energy.  After the very first session, I felt the ripple of energy which lasted for weeks through my body. I felt more grounded and emotionally balanced, I felt I had more concentration.  After the second session, I had steady energy during the day. I didn’t feel tired or anxious as much.”

Saba, Ontario, Canada